The Simple 3-Step System To A Strong, Sexy Core That Not Only Looks Amazing, But Also Prevents Injury!
Belly fat.

That tummy "pooch." 

Heck...even those annoying "love handles"...

They just don't seem to go away!

Other areas seem to change but never your abs!

Why is it just so dang hard to get a lean, toned core?!

The simple answer? 

Because we are spending time doing the wrong moves!

Now you may be thinking, "Well I've heard abs are made in the kitchen."
Hi there! Cori, owner of Redefining Strength here! I'm going to share with you the tips I use to get my clients both online and at my gym the sexy, strong cores they've always wanted!
And yes, a proper diet is ESSENTIAL.

BUT without the proper workouts, your results won't be what you'd dreamed.

It's just like peanut butter may be delicious on it's own, but oh so much better with chocolate...

So I'm going to share with you the 3-Step "chocolate sauce" that's going to exponentially increase your results and help you get the strong, sexy core you've always wanted!

Below I'll tell you how the 3-Step System - Activate + Integrate + HIIT will help you get the killer results you've been looking for!
There Is One "Secret" To A Stronger Core...
And It's Called ACTIVATION!
Ever feel your low back taking over during core work? Ever wish you could feel your abs working HARDER?

Step number one, and the exercises you’ve got to include in all of your core training workouts even simply in your warm up, are activation exercises.

These are the BASICS. 

The moves that isolate specific muscles to help get the right muscles engaged and working during movements so your low back doesn’t take over and you don’t only feel your hip flexors working.

These moves get the hard to activate muscles of our core working AKA our glutes, intrinsic core stabilizers and pelvic floor

Activating these muscles means that we’ll get MORE out of all of the core training we do.

Instead of our low back taking over during sit ups or planks, our abs will work as they should! Instead of our low back taking over during deadlifts or even squats, our glutes will work like they should!

These isolation exercises help get the muscles activated and working correctly. These isolation exercises also help to start mobilizing fat cells in the areas we are working...AKA our ABS!

Ever heard the term "SPOT REDUCTION"?
The Power Of Spot Reduction...

Ever heard a trainer say, "You can't spot reduce an area"?

Well that isn't 100% true and it's a big reason why my 3-Step System works so well...

Basically in fancy lipolysis is real!

What this means is you burn more fat in fat regions near active muscles than you do in fat regions away from active muscles.

AKA if you work and activate your abs you can start to mobilize the fatty acids in your fat cells to help you spot reduce the fat around your belly!
However, this doesn't mean you can simply do a bazillion ab exercises and expect results.


Spot reduction ONLY WORKS if the activation and isolation moves are then combined with Integration and HIIT!

That is why my 3-Step System is key
  • First: You activate to help initiate your body's ability to spot reduce aka mobilize fatty acids from the fat cells near the muscles you are working (your abs).
  • Second: You integrate to then use compound moves to burn the mobilized fatty acids and actually start to make spot lipolysis into actual "spot reduction."
  • Third: You use HIIT. No amount of activation moves alone will get you results. Doing crunches till you're blue in the face or even planks won't help if you don't burn calories to create a caloric deficit. This is where HIIT comes in. Burn more calories in less time to oxidize those fatty acids that have been released into the muscle tissue. AND HIIT also creates an AFTER BURN meaning you'll burn more calories even at rest!
Step 2: Integrate. Step 3: HIIT
A Lean, Strong Core Means Compound Exercises And HIIT!

So to actual get SPOT REDUCTION to work, you've got to use Integration, aka compound moves, and HIIT to reap the full benefit and burn that belly fat!

Because to get lean, strong abs and a killer core, you've got to also lose the fat covering your abs. 

You've got to first get your abs, and even your glutes working, then you've got to include core-intensive, compound exercises and high intensity intervals.

Because in order to get your abs to show, you've got to burn more calories and lose body fat. 

To really blast body fat and burn more calories in less time during your workouts, you've got to work more muscle groups at once AND especially target the large muscles of your body - including your legs, chest, back and butt!

The more muscles you work at once, aka the more compound moves you include, while also still focusing on your core, the stronger your core will get AND the more calories you will burn.

And when you include compound moves in an interval training program, you can get even better results FASTER. 

And this isn't accomplished by you working out for longer. 

How is that possible?!?

Because workouts that include compound exercises and high intensity interval training help you up the intensity of your workouts to get more out of less time WHILE also burning more calories even AT REST through what is often called the AFTER BURN.

What is the After Burn?

Simply put....The After Burn means you'll burn more calories even at rest because your body and metabolism work at a higher rate to recover and repair.

AKA you'll get more out of your workouts without having to work out longer. You'll burn fat AND strengthen your core so you can get that KILLER-looking, strong core you've always wanted!

How long before you start seeing results if you've used my 3-Step System - Activate + Integrate + HIIT? 
30-Days To A Killer-Looking, Stronger, Sexier Core
Workouts To Get You The Results You Want FASTER!

Get Rid Of That Stubborn Belly Fat And Reveal That Strong, Sexy Core!

We all want INSTANT results. And I'd love to tell you that in one day you'll see results.

But unfortunately, results won't happen over night. 

However, using my 3-Step System, you CAN get great results faster by dialing in your workout routine.

What moves and techniques does my 3-Step System use to get you results in just 30 days?
  • You isolate your core using the Pelvic Tilt Progression to engage those deep core intrinsic stabilizers.
  • You use glute bridges to activate your glutes since glute activation is essential to a strong core.
  • You use isometrics to build the mind-body connection and learn to engage your abs AS you engage the other muscles of your core.
  • You focus on engaging during your planks HARDER NOT LONGER to create shakeage (yes...shakeage aka your muscles shaking).
  • You get up off the ground to work your core and abs from every angle.
  • You use compound bodyweight exercises to engage your core while helping you to burn more calories at once because you're working more muscles at once (especially the larger muscles in your body)!

Workouts that activate, integrate and use HIIT with the moves and techniques above can help you get results in just 30 days.

That is why I created my 30-Day Killer Core Challenge.

In my 30-day program, I'll help you first get your core activated and working correctly. You'll learn, and even FEEL, how to really get your core intrinsic stabilizers working to prevent your low back from taking over.

Then I'll help you get more out of your planks. 

Instead of holding LONGER, you'll learn to engage harder and create shakeage. You'll then also use planks to work your core from every angle using plank variations to build rotational and anti-rotational strength.

While you work on engaging and strengthening your abs, you'll also work your glutes. 

Your glutes are an important muscle group that is often inactive, which is why it is key that your core training includes glute activation moves!

Through bridges and other glute activation exercises, you'll get your glutes working properly to prevent your low back from engaging. This activation will help you lift more, run faster and even just give those glutes a boost.

In the 30 days of workouts, I combine these activation moves with compound exercises in high intensity intervals so that you not only build a strong foundation and strengthen your core from every angle but also burn the fat that may be hiding your lean, strong abs!

This 30-Day Killer Core Workout program combines everything I've talked about here so you can get better and FASTER RESULTS in less time.

So what do you get when you join my 30-Day Killer Core Program besides obviously a killer core?!?!
What's Included In The Killer Core Program?

Time To Get A KILLER Core...

If you're ready to get that killer-looking, strong core that not only prevents low back pain, helps you run faster and lift more, but also looks damn sexy in a bathing suit...
Well it's time to start the 30-Day Killer Core Program!

With my 30-Day Killer Core Workout Program, you'll get 30 days of workouts completely mapped out for you. 

There is no having to decide what workouts or moves to do that day, wondering if they are going to get you results.


I've laid out the workouts for you for 30 days!

These workouts cover everything - from activation to high intensity interval training using core-intensive compound moves!

And the best part? 

All you need is your own bodyweight!

While a pull up bar can be used for some hanging ab moves, you can don't need fancy equipment or weights to get results. 
  • You don't need a gym. 
  •  You don't need to guess or figure out what workout to do without knowing if it will get you the results you want. 
  •  And you don't even need to wonder if your form is right!
With my 30-day program, you'll not only get the e-book with 30 days of workouts, but you'll also get instructional videos to help you learn how to perform all of the moves! 

(And beginners don't worry, there are modifications even for you...)

And if you have any questions at any time, you not only have 24/7 email support, but you also have access to the PRIVATE Redefining Strength Facebook Group.

The group alone is honestly worth joining the program for because of all of the wonderful support you'll get. 

Whether you have a question about modifying a movement, need a little boost because you've fallen off track (happens to all of us!), the group and all of the wonderful people in it, will be there to help you out.

Everyone in the group understands the ups and downs and is on their own fitness journey to be better and wants to help each other reach their goals!

So if you're ready to get a killer-looking core, yes KILLER-looking core...

AKA a strong, lean core that prevents pain and injury, that helps you lift more, run faster and has that lean, toned look you want...

Then it's time to join my 30-Day Killer Core Program below.
Want To ACCELERATE Your Results?
As I mentioned to start, DIET is key to getting lean and losing that stubborn belly fat.

That is why I also want to offer my Macro Accelerator to help you dial in your diet to perfectly complement your workouts. When your diet and workout routine work together, results happen 10x faster!

With the Macro Accelerator, I'll teach you how to calculate the calories and macros you need to lose fat faster. Over this 4 week program, you will cycle your macro ratios and focus on protein to get killer results.

Sometimes we aren't looking for a 'lifestyle' but those quick results to help us feel and look great for a big event.

Those faster results can even help keep us motivated to keep moving forward and working hard.

So if you not only want to build a strong core, but also really blast that stubborn belly fat, get my Accelerator Killer Core Package!
the Killer Core WOrkouts
One-time fee, lifetime access
  • The 30-Day Killer Core E-Book
  • Exercise Library with Video Demos
  • Access To The Private Facebook Group
  • 24/7 Email Support
The Accelerator Killer Core
One-time fee, lifetime access
  • The 30-Day Killer Core E-Book
  • The 4-Week Macro Accelerator Diet
  • Exercise Library with Video Demos
  • Access To The Private Facebook Group
  • 24/7 Email Support
What Are You Waiting For?
Yes! It's time to join my 30-Day Killer Core Program!
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But remember, once you join the program YOU'VE still got to put in the work. While you have lifetime access to the program for this one-time fee (NO RE-BILLING), you do actually have to USE the program if you want results!
P.S: Aren't you sick of your low back constantly taking over and your glutes and abs not working like they should?! Isn't it time you stopped randomly stringing together core moves and started getting the results you wanted!?! Heck yes it's time!
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